I am a happily married man with 4 fantastic kids ages 17,16,8 and a lively 2 year old. 

My life long pursuit was always to work in whatever way that I could to help people the most. After “messing” about for many years I studied and graduated as a Physiotherapist. I loved being able to help people and really enjoyed the art of analysis and assessment.

If there is a God and the bible is his word to us (which I wholeheartedly believe) then there is I believe nothing more important than helping others to see this.

Hence came this site. I will endeavour to persuade, defend, encourage and demonstrate that the evidence, which is all around us, greatly points to not just a intelligent designer but a God who desires to know us.

His unchanging purpose as described in Hebrews is the same to us as it was to Abraham, that he desires to bless us.

I pray that this site will act as a prompt and will make a reasoned argument worthy of response in your search for the one described as our loving father.