Watch “Gifts of the Spirit – Teaching – Interview with Simon Dinning” on YouTube

“It’s been an honour to interview Simon Dinning on the subject of ‘Biblical Teaching’ in the second in the series of Gifts of the Spirit.
In this interview we explore:
Simon’s life growing up in Northern Ireland surrounded by Sectarian Violence, firebombs and being beaten up by the Police.
How he was given an invitation card to Church and it sat in his desk for a year before he went. How he turned up to his first bible study with six books and a mountain of opinions. How he fell in love with Nadine a single mum and has raised four great kids. The advantages and disadvantages of being in a small church to help those children become Disciples.
How Simon yearned for years to develop his gift of teaching and how God opened up the gates wide.
How we can have better quiet times, prepare a great lesson and love the Word of God!”

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