Watch “Is Religion the Cause of Most Wars?” on YouTube

Is Religion the Cause of Most Wars?

Many people often state that religion is the cause of most wars or too many wars. As a result they cannot be part of any religious group, and therefore they are in essence saying that these religions cannot be true.

The question to ask here is, is this statement true?

The simple objective answer is no, religion is not the cause of most wars, but is responsible for only a small minority of wars.

Philip’s &Axelrod wrote the Encyclopedia of Wars examining 5000 years of wars (1,763 wars) and found that 7% were religious in nature. If we remove the 66 wars in the name of Islam the number decreases to 3%.

“The Encyclopedia of Wars” by Gordon Martel confirms this data, showing that 6% of wars were labelled as religious.

This finding was further supported by a 2014 report from the Institute of Economics & Peace, stating that religion is not the cause of most wars.

In fact a strong case can be made, that atheism is the cause of most wars and bloodshed. An article entitled “Lethal Politics & Death by Government” (sounds a little controversial!) Has the secular body count at more than 100 million in the 20th century alone.

Millions died at the hands of atheistic regimes such as Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Lenin.

As said, it is very important to know our facts, especially when confronted with an objection such as this.

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Simon (That Bible Guy)

2 thoughts on “Watch “Is Religion the Cause of Most Wars?” on YouTube

  1. Hi Simon,
    Thank you for your very well informed talk last night. I have a friend whose husband is not a Christian but listens to lessons and sermons with her. He is an engineer and could really benefit by this lesson. I believe no recording was made. Do you perhaps have any notes available? I missed the names of the historians and some of their testimonies and would like to have those If possible. I had to leave
    the meeting at 8 because we had another meeting on.
    I am very grateful that your ministry is going so well. You are doing a great job. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for all your support Sharon, really great to see you on zoom last night.
      I’m planning on doing a short recording of this talk on my YouTube channel, but will also send you my notes. Can you send me your email address please Sharon?
      Many thanks


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