Favourite Time of the Day

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Favourite Time of the Day

What is your favourite time?
Do you have a favourite time?
Maybe it’s finishing work, getting a treat/coffee, going to gym/leaving the gym

May say something about what we care about?

Obviously as Christian’s this should be our time with God. That’s what we will look at in today’s podcast.

Realised recently time at night ruining time with God. Sit up to watch politics etc. then can’t get up. Convinced myself needed this time (night) the most.

What did I really need the most? Time with God.

Initially I work on time with God because I should, then eventually I really, really want to.

I begin see the benefits to my mind, my peace, I looked differently at everything.

God will give us exactly what we need

For me, this is often clarity, I always look for understanding.
Most of my times with God brings incredible clarity.

At the minute God’s Word fills my mind, shows me how to help people. It actually gives me a purpose, direction, gives me excitement.

Psalm 37:4 – May take time but you can and will enjoy knowing God.

This time with him can be your favourite time of each day.

How I wish more people sought God, they would get so much needed help.

I encourage us make this time with God special. Things we can do are:

Make a plan
Pray about where we’re at
Dig deep
Open up the deepest part of ourselves

God bless


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