Podcast – Why does God allow suffering?

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, Prepared To Answer: Why does God allow suffering? https://anchor.fm/simon-dinning/episodes/Why-does-God-allow-suffering-e2se25

Here are the show-notes:

Why does God allow suffering?

These arguments are to support the idea that God exists and are not being given so as to persuade you to agree with what he does.

1) Natural result of free-will
God given free will – suffering natural result man going own way. God allowed man go own way. Although he intervenes, he is polite and will remove our free will.
When don’t listen parents instructions we can end up in trouble. They allowed us to make the mistake but could potentially have prevented it.
Parents allow kids to suffer on occasions when could have prevented, as a parent I can testify to this.

2) Points us in direction of truth
Suffering often results in a good, proper perspective = Follow truth
Humans grow most when we have to battle/struggle against some difficulty in life.
Although God is our Father, he is creator all things and perfect, we won’t need him if we perceive our lives are perfect (without suffering).
As Physiotherapist my goal is to produce pain so as to reveal what the problem is, people accept that I need to cause pain, it is beneficial to do so.
It reveals where the true problem lies and then we can begin treatment to fix the problem.

3) God cannot be illogical (things cannot do)
He cannot sin, cease to exist, he cannot be irrational, he cannot forget, cannot make a square circle, cannot make a stone so big he couldn’t move it (this is a false choice).
Suffering inevitable result of giving man freedom, which was most loving thing to do. Would be unloving to leave us in this mess, he didn’t.
So need to consider, maybe cannot remove suffering, as would remove free-will.

4) Suffering points to God
Our sense of justice in times of suffering more strongly supports God. If no God then no such thing as justice/injustice (C.S Lewis)
We cry when suffer because unjust, if someone suffers after making foolish decision then we say “they got what they deserved” = sense of justice
If no God and life completely random then why be surprised or annoyed when bad things happen.
If life meaningless and random why cry-foul? The best explanation for our cries of injustice is that there is in fact, real and objective right and wrong overseen by one he set it all up this way.

5) God given complete solution (Jesus)
God came to earth and revealed how felt about suffering, he wanted to remove it
He died to make us perfect, to take away suffering and pain and give us everlasting life!
God demonstrated his response and feelings towards suffering – he wanted to take it away.

Prepared To Answer
1) Natural result of free-will
2) Points us in direction of truth
3) God cannot be illogical
4) Suffering points to God rather than away
5) God given complete solution

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