How does God view our persistent sin?

Listen to this episode of my podcast, Prepared To Answer, How does God view our persistent sin?

Today’s notes:

How does God view our persistent sin?

How do we know “God’s view”?
We know God’s view through his word, this gives us the confidence to answer a question like this.

1 Corinthians 10:12-13 – God will always provide a way out of sin, how does he do this for you?

Hebrews 10:26-30 – My long-time favourite scripture.
Deliberately” – conscious decision as opposed to being shown without realising what you’ve done.
Keep on” – not a one-off sin but repeatedly, potentially many times

What are we doing according to this scripture when we “Deliberately keep on sinning“?
We are:
1) Trampling the Son of God under foot
2) Treating blood of the covenant as an unholy thing
3) Insulting the Spirit of grace

Clearly these are very serious things to do and I believe it is helpful to visualize what these things would look like e.g.
1) What would it mean to trample something under foot?
2) How do we act towards something if treating it an unholy manner?
3) How do feel about someone when insulting them?

This is what we do when deliberately (knowingly) keep on sinning, despite God providing a way out.

How does God provide you with a way out? Please share….

Lets pray for each other and confess our sins to one another, as this is the powerful action we are called to (James 5:16).

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