Responding to Claims of Intolerance

How should we respond when presented with what may have become the most common criticism/question in our generation? If your a Christian everyone wants to know or feel they already know and understand your views on homosexuality.

This topic amongst many others can be loaded with the viewpoint that you are actually an ignorant and intolerant human being who uses the Bible as an excuse for your personal hatred and bigotry.

So what is a good way to respond when we are put on the spot.  With the following response you will see that the great fallacy with those who make this intolerance claim are themselves very often committing the very sin they accuse us of.

The following response was taken from the site Stand To Reason. (

When asked your views, thoughts or opinion on homosexuality or other divisive topics:

Say, “You know, this is actually a very personal question you’re asking. I don’t mind answering, but before I do, I want to know if it’s safe to offer my views.

“So let me ask you a question: Do you consider yourself a tolerant person or an intolerant person? Is it safe to give my opinion, or are you going to judge me for my point of view? Do you respect diverse points of view, or do you condemn others for convictions that differ from your own?”

This automatically sets the record straight as to the intention of the question. We did not say we would not answer or that we would be willing to compromise our convictions. It simply ensures that we are on even playing field.

Lets keep speaking the truth in love.


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