Common Objections to the Bible


So what about the King James Version (KJ):

Because translators are human beings, no translator can transcend his own time. He can only work in light of the knowledge of his day, with materials available to him, and put his translation in words spoken by his generation.

Weaknesses of King James Bible:

1) King James rests on an inadequate textual base. Seen in 1 John 5:7.
Scriptures not found in a manuscript prior to the fourteen century.

Three most valuable witnesses on the New Testament text (the Vatican, the Sinaitic, and the Alexandrian Manuscripts) WERE NOT AVAILABLE when KJ translations were made.
These are considered today as our Gold Standard documents for NT bible translation (an incredible find!!).
Since the KJ translation in 1611 which relied on only a handful of Manuscripts we now have access to nearly 6,000 Greek Manuscripts going back much closer to the time of Christ.
(Increased no. Documents = increased accuracy biblical text).
Neil Lightfoot summarises regarding the KJ:

“It is a translation of an inferior Greek text and therefore a revision of it based on earlier manuscripts is imperative”.
(Neil Lightfoot, How we got the Bible)

Any questions/comments welcome

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