Hey Guys,

Very first post on my new blog and I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts. Hoping that I can generate better responses on here than I have been able to on facebook.

Anyway the purpose of this endeavour is to share my views on the evidence for the bible, evidence from creation, from morality etc etc. In so doing however I will aim to seek the truth and not just to latch on to whatever takes my fancy or to whatever sounds good. I am after as I believe everyone is or at least should be; the Truth.

Has God revealed himself or not?

Is there evidence to support a designer or not?

Why should I act moral? Who’s to say what is right and wrong?

And many more……

Feel free to send questions to me and I will endeavour to answer them. This is just the beginning and I am currently married with a full-time job and 4 children so haven’t always got a lot of “free-time”, I’m sure many of you can relate, so please bear with me at times.

Today I am learning about and hope to share with you on my starting point to the best evidences for God; The Cosmological Argument.

Speak again soon




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